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How The Weekends Diminish Fitness Goals

It’s Monday and we’re back on track. This is a familiar formula for a lot of people. People like to start or restart on a Monday. Why not just continue and never restart? It’s like waiting for New Year’s to worry about your health. Do it now.

Monday comes around and we eat well. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday we hit home runs. Friday arrives and we’re happy the weekend is here. Here is where the house collapses.

Read On to learn how to avoid allowing your weekend choices to diminish your fitness goals>>>

Avoid Slipping Back Into Old, Unhealthy Habits

The New Year has passed and we’re inching up on February.

Where are you with your new fitness goals?

Have you sputtered? Have you hit a road block? Did your illness knock you off track? Are you continuing to find fitness fun and use fitness as an escape?

A few weeks into the new year and we tend of slowly slip back into our old habits.

As we get deeper into winter the weather gets colder and we find more snow and more excuses not to get up and go train.

Read On and gain some insight on how to avoid slipping back into old, unhealthy habits.>>>

Reel Yourself Back In After The Holidays

The holidays are wrapped up and it’s time to review what we consumed. Did we enjoy ourselves? I know I did. I do every year, without any guilt, and eat as many cookies as I so choose.

But I also know exactly how to reel myself back into reality. It’s taken some time and effort over the years, but I have a good grasp now. Where do you stand today? Have you reeled yourself back in yet? Don’t fall deep into the winter trap.

Read On and learn to build healthy habits that will help you reel yourself back in after the Holidays.>>>

Make It Through The Holidays

We’re wrapping up 2015, and it’s always a good time.

Think about all of the parties that happen this time of year. I remember growing up when we had Daman Family Christmas parties for what felt like a month. I never complained because they were so much fun, and the memories I have are endless.

All of these parties should be enjoyed. You should relax and enjoy them. I certainly do, and I eat whatever I want to eat. The difference maker is that you should know when to slam the door shut after the holidays end.

Read On and let us help you make it through the holidays.>>>

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